Wilder World: The Next Reality Is Coming

Wilder World is a community-owned virtual world that combines the best of blockchain technology and 3D gaming. The game is built on Ethereum and Unreal Engine 5 and runs on zERO.

It’s a layered metaverse with multiple applications that appeal to creators and collectors alike.

Readers should know that the team behind the game includes renowned 3D digital artist Frank Wilder, who is also one of the developers. This virtual world uses NFT to boost the game.

The WILD token is the game’s main currency, and it works in the Wilder Market. The virtual nation is a city-state that belongs to the community. It has a futuristic CyberPunk-inspired feel.

Their development team is committed to making the game as easy as possible. The game will provide a virtual world environment designed by artists for artists.

The ecosystem will feature a decentralized liquid NFT market and a variety of other features. A player’s avatar will be unique, allowing them to enjoy a new level of freedom.

In addition to creating a truly immersive virtual world, Wilder World has many exciting developments in the works. In a recent update, the game added a virtual art gallery.

Moreover, the game will also implement a full-blown mixed reality experience called Wilder World 3D. Furthermore, it will incorporate many innovations, including using two Ethereum-based tokens.

Aside from offering a virtual art gallery, Wilder World also includes an interactive social network. Users can connect with other artists and create art in Wilder World. This feature will help artists gain exposure and make their work more valuable.

Wilder World, a virtual world set in a parallel universe from another dimension!

It is designed for artists and offers a wide variety of applications. Wilder World DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will manage the platform and tokens. This DAO is the central authority of the system, and the community controls it, meaning that no entity will control Wilder.

To summarize, Wilder World is a virtual world set in a parallel universe in another dimension. The game is a hybrid of fantasy, art, and music. It is full of opportunities for creativity, a wild world built by creators, for artists.

This project aims to democratize the art market and make it more accessible to all levels of the industry.

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The platform’s design is for a unique and immersive 3D world powered by NFT. The Wilder DAO will use the token as a voting mechanism among its stakeholders and incentivize the Wilder Metaverse’s expansion, introducing new protocols and services to the virtual world.

The WILD token is the currency for this project. This token allows users to buy NFTs that have utility in the world.

Wilder World is an open-ended 5D Metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and Zero OS. Their platform also supports DAO, a decentralized organization that owns the WILD token and acts as its governance token.

In the future, Wilder World plans to launch a Cyber Gala, which the NFT platform will host on its own. It is an artist-driven NFT marketplace meant to attract top crypto artists.

Wilder World has a wide range of assets, including a virtual city

The concept of the project is similar to the idea of a traditional DAO. The network has a wide range of assets, including a virtual city. It will also sell the NFTs as tickets.

The first phase of Wilder World is a 5D Metaverse based on Ethereum and Unreal Engine 5. The second phase is an interactive game. The first phase is a virtual environment that allows users to play.

The Wilder World exchange aims to solve three central problems in the NFT market. Furthermore, Wilder World has introduced inflationary and deflation mechanisms to make the game exciting.

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