What is the Galaxy Heroes Coin?

The Galaxy Heroes Coin is an altcoin with a superhero theme. The $GHC token is used for the game. This currency will be issued in limited quantities. The first batch of 2,500 will feature super rare superheroes, while the next two will include common ones. The villains will have 2500 NFTs.

The main focus of the coin is redistribution, and the coin holders will be rewarded based on their rarity.

The Galaxy Heroes Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses the Binance Smart Chain network to facilitate crypto payments. It also provides a gaming app, a 2% buyback wallet, and an anonymous user profile.

The goal is to be a full-featured blockchain project that focuses on superheroes. The developers of Galaxy Hero are already familiar with the industry and have years of experience working on various projects. The team behind the project includes the developers of Baby Doge, the Baby Doge project, and Brian Sumner, who worked on the first version of the coin.

GHC Token

The Galaxy Heroes Coin has been listed on 16 Exchanges and is now being used for buying, selling, and transferring assets. The GHC platform will feature Liquidity Pools and an official marketplace on BSC. In addition, the Galaxy NFTs will have their own marketplace on the BSC.

The Galaxy Heroes Coin uses the Binance Smart Chain network to provide low gas fees. The first batch of Galaxy NFTs will have 2,500 heroes, ranging from standard to rare. The following collection of Galaxy NFTs will include villains. These tokens are expected to have a high royalty rate based on rarity. The project’s goal is to arrive in the galaxy and become a popular platform for gamers and artists.

The Galaxy Heroes Coin will have a high growth rate. The GHC will be the first altcoin with a superhero theme. The community-driven project was created by Brian Sumner, who was part of the Baby Doge team. The goal is to unite superhero fans with this currency. The coin will be marketed in a number of ways.

The Galaxy Heroes Coin will be cross-chain crypto and an NFT platform. It will also have a DEX. The Galaxy Heroes DEX will leverage BSC for transactions. The first phase of the project will be the private sale. The second phase will be the listing on the exchange. The next two phases will be the NFT platform launch and contract auditing. Once all of these phases have been completed, the GHC will be released on the DEX.

The best exchanges to buy the Token

  • MEXC
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