Wagerr blockchain-powered sports betting network

The Wagerr network is a decentralized sportsbook with no limits, blacklists, or other barriers to entry; anyone can bet on sports and get paid.

Using distributed blockchain technology, the Wagerr network uses masternodes for second-level security. Masternodes can also be called “oracles,” Their role is to collect data from real-world sporting events, record it on the blockchain, and determine if the bet is a winner.

At Wagerr, users maintain a database of ongoing sporting events. Based on this information, they make predictions known as “Oracles.”

A betting exchange is a market that allows peer-to-peer betting. The company uses blockchain technology to ensure greater transparency and security.

The blockchain creates a decentralized ledger and makes the data unchangeable. Cryptographic security works to verify every bet, making the Wagerr network more secure and transparent.

The Wagerr network has three layers. Firstly, there is the standard Proof of Stake blockchain. The second one is the Ethereum blockchain. And last but not least, the third layer, the Ethereum-based platform.

The Ethereum-based platform is a decentralized network that uses the ETH blockchain to drive betting. As a result, the Wagerr network is a peer-to-peer network, and its users have access to various markets.

The system comprises Oracle Masternodes and standard wallets, and the blockchain facilitates this for the user.

Wagerr is based on smart contract technology and works on a simple “Value Coupling” mechanism. The total activity on the network determines the value of a single token.

Allows people to bet on sports and keep track of forecasts

Every time a user places a bet, it destroys half the fee, reducing the supply of coins and increasing the price. As a result, the Wagerr network is a superior solution to traditional bookmakers.

The Wagerr platform offers a variety of options to users. A betting-based system is the basis of your options.

For example, it allows people to bet on sports, keep track of forecasts and place automatic bets on selected games.

Wagerr WGR token
Wagerr WGR token

Also, it supports the exchange of specific players and teams. In addition to these, the wallets include classic blocking options for WGR tokens. This feature allows the user to secure their funds and protect their investments.

As we already know, Wagerr is a highly flexible platform.

Unlike other media, the Wagerr token is infinitely scalable, and there are no limits on the number of transactions that users can perform on it.

Due to the decentralized nature of the network, the Wagerr ecosystem is constantly growing and has unlimited growth potential. 

The Wagerr app allows users to bet using a native WGR token as a blockchain-based sportsbook. To use the service, users must purchase WGR coins.

Unlike other centralized bookmakers, Wagerr offers its users two distinct advantages: reliability to receive winnings and protection against third-party intervention.

Furthermore, the application is available on both PC and Android.

The Wagerr network uses distributed blockchain technology to secure bets and verify results. The system allows users to view their bets at any time and pay winners immediately.

Wagerr has developed the Application Specific Smart Contract (ASSC) protocol

The new “Oracle” feature is a new concept in cryptocurrency and works by collecting data from real-world sporting events and recording it on the blockchain.

Wagerr has developed the Application Specific Smart Contract (ASSC) protocol to take advantage of the technology. This protocol allows users to create applications that use a single parameter to place a bet.

These contracts are verified by consensus, allowing the highest level of functionality while maintaining network security. Its other benefits include allowing developers to create applications that use blockchain.

In addition to Oracle functionality, Wagerr has a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm that enables users to earn rewards for supporting system security and maintenance.

To summarize, the Wagerr betting system is a decentralized blockchain network that uses smart contract technology to ensure a third party does not manipulate winners. The platform also makes it easy for users to operate through easy-to-use and ad-supported interfaces.

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