Ufo Gaming (UFO) and the Dark Metaverse

UFO Gaming is a game company that builds games for players. They use Ethereum, but also other chains, to make their games. Their first game, Super Galactic, is like an RPG space game. Many people are interested in UFO Gaming because the Dark Metaverse can be run on different chains too!

The UFO tokens will be used for many things inside the Dark Metaverse. They are rewarded for playing games and being engaged in them. UFO tokens can also exchange for points, which people can use to play a different game or buy NTFs from the store. The UFO is also used in the game’s governance via the UFO decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Early staking and farming opportunities will be offered so that only true believers in $UFO will be rewarded. You can use UFO tokens to earn Plasma points. But you cannot trade these points on Uniswap or any other decentralized exchange. They will only be available inside the $UFO ecosystem and The Dark Metaverse. But you can trade UFO, UAP and NFTs.

How Does UFO Gaming Work?

UFO Gaming is a game that uses the blockchain. It has some parts related to the blockchain, but its primary mission is to provide a gaming universe. It’s powered by a variety of DeFi applications, including staking and farming.

You can make money in the game by playing it. You can also use some of your money to buy land (using NFTs) in the game. The land might be worth more later because the people who create this game are trying hard to make it better and better each day.

Gamers can buy virtual land that is treated as Non-Fungible Tokens in the game. Gamers can stake their land to earn rewards from the game’s revenue. The people who have the most land are called “Eternals,” They have a voice in how the metaverse moves and get a larger share of rewards per plot of land.

Ufo Gaming Super Galactic Image
Image from Ufo Youtube Channel

Different from most other games, UFO Gaming is a 3D virtual world with a play-to-earn economy. It has many different games on it. People can play and earn money by playing this game. You do not need to buy anything.

This is different from other games because there is no central authority that controls the GameFi ecosystem. The fees are low, and people who play this game have control of it and ownership instead of just being told what to do.

The Ufo community Governance

In the Fourth Dimension ecosystem, people use tokens called $UFO to vote. This will make it easier for the project to survive without an owner. People don’t want a traditional hierarchy where one person has power, and everyone else does not. In this project, all members have equal power, and everyone can help make decisions about how the project will work.

UFO will make sure that the community is included in important decisions. UFOs don’t have tokens or allocations, so everyone is an investor with a stake in the project’s success. In the future, people who own $UFO will propose ideas and vote on them to steer the project forward.

UFO always wanted a free universe. Decentralization is true freedom. Decentralization combined with anonymity and governance gives us an unearthly result. This has been what our species aspired to since the beginning of time.

Read more on Ufo WhitePaper

What is the Dark Metaverse?

The Dark Metaverse will be a virtual universe with a closed-loop economy. As games get added to the system, the value of the token and the ecosystem grows exponentially.

The Dark Metaverse will consist of P2E games with game NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Virtual Land that enables collectors to earn in-game revenue. All games will funnel through UFO’s Mothership Gaming Launchpad, where UFO Unlocks Everything.

The UFO’s Dark Metaverse is not only limited to one game. The UFO team will make games for different games. Players can find other games on various sites, too. One Game, One Planet, Interoperability.

The UFO Tokens

The $UFO ecosystem includes three tokens: UFO, Plasma Points, and UAP. $UFO is the primary token. It will be used to play games. For example, to play Super Galactic, you need to stake $UFO or use Ethereum or $ETH LP in The Cosmos (staking dApp).

You will earn Plasma Points for playing games. These are needed to buy soldiers (NFTs) for the game. UAP is the third token, and it is needed when breeding soldiers in Super Galactic.

Ufo token chart
CoinMarketCap Chart

Each player in the game gets points to use in the game. The amount of points you get goes up at the beginning and then goes down. You can use these points to buy new things for your game, like UFOs that help you produce more new UFOs.

Users can get an Origin Class UFOep from the Cosmos event in the early days. But as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to get one. Users interested in supporting the cause of UFOeps can buy a UFOep on the open market and earn UAP tokens by completing daily missions.

These tokens can be used or sold for money, or they could be used to help other people’s children become healthy and then sell them based on their ratings to make more money from daily missions.

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