TradeStation – Auto Trendlines Indicator

Is there an Auto Trendlines indicator for TradeStation that creates horizontal trendlines as you type? It’s funded by you!

The indicator creates two horizontal trendlines, one support (Red Line) and one resistance (Green Line), based on the price data.

The indicator computes the highest and lowest values of the last 20 bars using default settings. It also draws two in the previous 100 candles, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Autotrendlines indicator for tradestation
Auto trendlines indicator BackHigh and BackLow

If you want to calculate the highest and lowest values for a longer period, simply replace the BackHigh_Calc and BackLow_Calc functions.

If you want to create longer trendlines, you’ll need to modify BackHigh_Draw and BackLow_Draw parameters.

Auto TrendLine Indicator Download