Torum: the ultimate crypto social media platform

TORUM is a social metaverse created especially for the crypto industry. Its platform is highly interactive, with many core features that solve problems within the industry, including information asymmetry.

The Torum ecosystem consists of several components that make it the perfect crypto marketing platform. Their goal is to connect users using their social media platform to provide a more personalized experience.

Also, it uses NFT to meet crypto-centric needs, which allows users to create a profile with their friends and view their profile.

In this way, they can easily find other people who share their interests and are interested in the same things.

Torum integrates NFT and DeFi technologies
Torum integrates NFT and DeFi technologies.

Torum is a blockchain-based social platform that integrates NFT and DeFi technologies. Its long-term green development plan focuses on helping the cryptocurrency industry grow. Moreover, it is a free place for users to interact.

Torum ISNO is the first stage of Torum development. In addition to that, it is an initial stake NFT offering that focuses on the decentralized social network.

This stage consists of a massive sale featuring 363 limited edition NFTs.

The Torum social network is a social media platform for cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. It consists of a social media platform, a performance breeding ground, a global marketplace, and functionality.

A fascinating fact is that Torum’s utility token, XTM, is an ERC-20 compliant cryptographic token, and it spreads through the platform’s Mission System.

As we mentioned before, Torum is a social network created especially for the crypto community. It is an encrypted social network that integrates NFT and DeFi, and its primary function is to help projects expand their communities.

Furthermore, it helps them improve the efficiency of information acquisition and deepen the links between users and the crypto community.

Torum offers the opportunity for crypto enthusiast users to interact with each other

One of the things that are fascinating about Torum is its community.

There is a large community of general crypto enthusiasts, and Torum offers the opportunity for users to interact with each other.

Torum is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency users, and SocialFi Metaverse and Avatar NFT are its basis. It mixes many features, which makes it a social media platform, a performance breeding ground, and an NFT marketplace.

Nevertheless, TORUM is still in its early stages of development, and the team is already working on several new features. 

This team aims to develop an ecosystem that will become a new venue for the blockchain industry and solve the problems of asymmetry and low information acquisition in the crypto space.

Torum is based on XTM
Torum is based on XTM

To conclude, readers must keep in mind that XTM will serve as the backbone of the Torum ecosystem. In addition to cryptocurrency trading, Torum is also a community-building platform based on XTM. This ecosystem wants to maximize the utility of XTM.

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