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The SuperTrend Indicator is a powerful trading indicator that helps you identify trending markets. The SuperTrend Indicator does not rely on lagging indicators like the moving average to trade intra-day trends. 

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a free indicator for TradeStation and MultiChartscreated in Easylanguage. If you’re searching for a SuperTrend guide, we recommend that you read our in-depth article: All About SuperTrend Indicator – Free Tutorial 2021 Updated.

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The Supertrend Indicator (ST)developed by Olivier Seban, was created to enhance the exit from trade, which is a trailing stop.

The ST indicator may be a key to unlocking predictions about future trends for intraday traders or longer term. Today is one of the most popular tools among traders.

This article will also explain what it is, how it is used, and how to calculate it. You can also download SuperTrend free versions for TradeStation, MultiCharts, MetaTrader.

What is SuperTrend Indicator?

The SuperTrend Indicator is a follower trend indicator. These indicators signal the direction of the trend and show whether it is continuing or changing direction.

A super trend performs well in a trending market as a trend following indicator (Parabolic Sar, Moving Averages, MACD, etc.). The primary lesson of these signals is to avoid creating a position against the trend.

The Supertrend is derived from Wilder’s Parabolic SAR, likewise created out of the same mold. However, the merit of the Supertrend is that it stands horizontally in times of price laterality, avoiding us getting out of position before time.

We must never forget that all trend-following indicators share a common fault: they issue warnings of the change of trend AFTER the shift has occurred, not before. They are all indicators that update with an inevitable delay; they are not anticipators of the direction.

Let’s take a look at the two indicators side by side: The SuperTrend is depicted with a solid line, whereas the Parabolic SAR uses classic green (up) and red (down) dots.

SuperTrend TradeStation and Parabolic Sar Indicator difference and false signals
SuperTrend TradeStation and Parabolic Sar Indicator differences

The Parabolic SAR’s dizzying color changes immediately reveal that it produces significantly more false positives than the SuperTrend.

SuperTrend advantages

However, the SuperTrend has two significant advantages

  • 1) It is simple to use since volatility is taken into account when determining the trend. 
  • 2) It may be applied to any period and any financial instrument (shares, indexes, or forex).

The majority of other trend follower indicators, on the other hand, don’t perform so. Therefore they frequently push them out of the market too soon. The SuperTrend eliminates a lot of bogus signals, allowing us to keep our position open for longer and increase our average profit.

SuperTrend for TradeStation and Multicharts charting example

To be successful, a trend follower method must stay on the market as long as possible. The longer you stay on the market, the more trends you may capitalize on. If things are going badly, it must also emerge swiftly to prevent an adverse trade.


See the SuperTrend in action now!

How can you tell if a trend is starting? What are some indicators that show the interest rate will rise or fall soon? The SuperTrend indicator, which is available for download on both TradeStation and MultiCharts, shows an arrow pointing to the direction of the market’s momentum. It also provides other information about trends to help traders make informed decisions.

The SuperTrend is represented by a red or green line that follows price movements from a graphical standpoint. The SuperTrend’s buy signal and sell signal are more than just identifying the trend. For entry signals, the technical indicator does not simply change color from green to red.

When the red line is above the graph, it indicates a negative trend, while the green line depicts an upward trend. When the indicator line is below the chart, it implies that the trend will be upward; thus, opening long positions is preferable. When the indicator line is above the graph, it suggests a downward trend, and opens short positions are preferable.

There are three different ways you can use this indicator:

Trade with the trend filter

Trends are a tricky thing. They can come and go as quickly as they arrive, but the only way to make sure you’re always ahead of them is by using a trend filter like Supertrend.

The idea here is that you can use SuperTrend as both a trend identifier and an actual trading signal, but only if the primary trend is in one direction. So, for example, if there’s an uptrend, buy long positions until SuperTrend changes direction. If there’s a downtrend, then sell short positions until it changes. To do that, though, you’ll need to use a trend filter like Supertrend.

The SuperTrend displays the current trend; we don’t want to go against the primary upswing or downturn. So, if the underlying trend is upward, we’ll only take long positions; if it’s downward, we’ll take short ones.

We eliminate a variety of false “counter-trend” buy and sell signals in this manner. When prices pass the indicator line positioned at a specific level on one side to the other, this is a top or bottom, depending on whether it is above or below the price scale.

supertrend multicharts bearish trend
SuperTrend MultiCharts bearish trend

The best way to manage your stops

I will show you how you can manage your stops trading using the SuperTrend indicator. These methods will help you make the best decisions and get the most out of your trades. I am also going to explain why this is such an excellent tool for stop management!

It is essential to limit the trading stops to prevent you from over-trading or being too aggressive with your money. You have to find a balance between being in the trade long enough so that you get at least half of the earning potential of the trade while making sure not to be in it too long and start cutting profits short.

This indicator helps traders set limits on their trades and prepares them for the unexpected, which prevents break-evens, scratched trades, bad reversals of winning trades, and more.

The SuperTrend’s real value is creating a fantastic trailing stop technique utilizing the Average True Range ATR indicator. So you can use The ST to control exits from another trading method.

The color will change as soon as the indicator turns green or until the indicator turns red. We’ll exit as quickly as the color changes.

SuperTrend Trading Strategy

The SuperTrend Trading Strategies is a high probability, easy-to-use trading system that can be used on all timeframes, including the 4 hours, daily, weekly or monthly charts. With this strategy, there are no indicators used, which means it’s straightforward for beginners to learn and profitable for experienced traders alike!

We may discover a buy or sell signal using a Supertrend Trading Strategy. We establish a long position when the color change from red to green (buy signal is generated). When green changes back to red, we can open a short trade (sell signal is produced). The positions will close the next time the indicator changes color.

In a purely technical sense, we could always stay in the market and shift from long to short all of the time.

supertrend indicator signal long short for multicharts and tradestation

There will be an abundance of false signals using this method, especially during periods of long laterality. As a result, if the market does not move in the intended direction, it will be critical to close the position immediately in stop-loss.

Even if the ST is an excellent indicator, it’s preferable to use it in conjunction with at least one other. It’s possible to combine the ST with the CCI, Momentum, ADX, and RSI.

Two SuperTrend Indicators – The Double Strategy

The Double Strategy is a strategy that combines two SuperTrend indicators to show you which direction the market will go in.

We can then apply the same indicator to the graph but with two different settings, one fast and one slow.

We have a long signal in this scenario when the quick SuperTrend crosses from bottom to top of the slow SuperTrend. It’s time to call it a day when the fast SuperTrend falls below the slow SuperTrend. Both curves are expected to have roughly similar colors.

double ST Indicator

Best Timeframe to use SuperTrend Indicator

At first, we thought that the SuperTrend had an edge because we may use it in every timeframe. In general, however, on intraday trading timeframes, it loses its effectiveness. There is no single rule. It is advisable to make a few attempts on the financial instrument we intend to trade.

Despite being advised that the actual trend resides on extended periods, it’s still worth noting that daily up and down is expected. You may occasionally need to adjust the indicator to find the optimal settings.

SuperTrend eurusd weekly chart

SuperTrend Indicator MultiTimeFrame

What are your thoughts on taking the SuperTrend into additional time frames to try to minimize as many false signals as possible? We prefer indicators with a lot of settings or timeframes. When you’re trading, averaging is almost always a good idea.

We’re “averaging” the SuperTrend indicator to look for an intraday setup. We utilize 60 minutes, daily, and weekly time frames. Also, we can control the intraday session, but we must keep an eye on the long-term trend.

We have created a SuperTrend Multi Time Frame indicator to help you minimize bogus signals. You can find the article and indicator at this address.

supertrend multitimeframe

How is the ST Indicator calculated?

The SuperTrend is calculated by applying a volatility coefficient to the overall period average. The Average True Range (ATR) is used to calculate the Super Trend indicator. The Average True Range (ATR) is a volatility indicator that assesses the average range of the last X seats and measures volatility.

When volatility is discovered, it is adjusted using a volatility multiplier and a coefficient representing the observation period over which volatility is measured—the greater the weight of volatility, the more varied the tolerance before a trend reversal.

The SuperTrend Indicator Formula:

  • Upper=(high+low)2+ (Multiplier∗ATR)
  • Lower=(high+low)2− (Multiplier∗ATR)

Easylanguage code example

This is an example of EasyLanguage code; you may still use it to build your TradeStation Indicator or MultiCharts Indicator. You may download the new indicator in the downloads area at the bottom of the page.



 hl = Highest(High, Length) - Lowest(Low, Length);
 ATR = XAverage(hl, Length);
 avg = (XAverage(high, Strength) + XAverage(low, Strength))/2;
 up = avg + ATR; 
 dn = avg - ATR; 

 if c > up[1] and c > Highest(High, Strength)[1] then
 trend = 1
 else if c < dn[1] and c < Lowest(Low, Strength)[1] then
 trend = -1;

 if trend < 0 and trend[1] > 0 then flag=1 else flag=0; 
 if trend > 0 and trend[1] < 0 then flagh = 1 else flagh = 0; 
 if trend > 0 and dn < dn[1] then dn=dn[1]; if trend < 0 and up > up[1] then up=up[1];
 if flag = 1 then up = avg + ATR; 
 if flagh = 1 then dn = avg - ATR; 
 if trend = 1 then begin

 ST = dn;
 color = green; 
 if trend = -1 then begin

 ST = up;
 color = red; 


Is the ST Indicator a good indicator? The ST is, without a doubt, an excellent indicator. We must keep in mind that when long sides are formed, the Supertrend generates many false signals, but it remains the most significant deficiency of all trending indicators.


Can I use the ST for intraday trading?
It’s certainly feasible to do so, but we don’t like it as a trading system because, on high timeframes, the continuous trend exists. A good ST trading approach should be based on daily timeframes or higher.

Is it the best trending indicator?
It is the best-performing trending indicator for us. The Super Trend Indicator is less likely to give false signals than parabolic SAR, for example.

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