Siacoin Token: no third party involvement in your data

When you hear about cloud computing, you probably think of cloud storage. Large corporations often dominate these services, so the fees are usually higher. Also, many people are skeptical of security issues.

But, Siacon claims to solve these problems by allowing anyone to rent storage online. This decentralized service promises that your servers will never be hacked and provide a better alternative to traditional cloud storage providers.

Siacon’s ecosystem is a decentralized cloud storage network. It uses cryptography to divide files into thirty segments before uploading them. Using the Sia ecosystem, you can access and store files with minimal effort and cost.

siacoin token
Siacoin token

The Siacon network is maintained by the Siacoin (SC) token is an open-source cryptocurrency that powers the Sia cloud storage platform. The currency is used to pay for bandwidth and storage.

Sia makes it easy to store and share files. The SC token also provides a decentralized network. And it is also backed by a stable blockchain.

While the SC token can be used as a means for payments, it is also used to maintain the Siacon network. This means that it must be kept in a safe place. There are different types of wallets available to store this token.

Sia, Peer-to-peer storage ecosystem!

It all began when David Vorick created the sea platform in October 2013. It is a peer-to-peer storage ecosystem where users, hosts, and providers can register for an account on this network and pay the monthly fee.

As a bonus, the system is decentralized and secure, and its users can use the technology to share files.

Unlike traditional cloud storage solutions, Sia’s security mechanisms are very forward from its time and can prevent malicious actors from accessing your data. Therefore, this technology eliminates the need to rely on centralized data services.

Siacon is an ad-free cloud storage platform. Users sign up for a one-year contract and pay for the storage space they need with SC tokens. Each file is encrypted and stored multiple times on Sia’s servers, ensuring that no server can access the file.

Sia network
Sia network

Using a Sia network, users can store their files online. All files are in redundant global locations. Also, it distributes files to multiple nodes around the world, ensuring that no hacker will attack or affect a server.

The Sia network enjoys cryptographical protection, and only the tenant can access the files. Furthermore, storing sensitive or illegal material is illegal. Sia’s ecosystem is also free from government interference.

The best exchanges to buy the Token

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