Play games for real money with Exeedme

The Exeedme platform uses innovations from the NFT and DeFi worlds to enable peer-to-peer player economies. The platform will focus these economies on the players rather than advertising and sidechains.

The team behind the creation of this project is; Firstly, Nuno Fernandes, a seasoned negotiator who has led M&A teams for various companies, and secondly, Francisco Varela, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a gaming website.

This elite team counts with the support of several advisers, including Ricardo Pacheco, a former KPMG executive.

Users can challenge friends and other players, using the XED token to fund the games. They can use the “match” system to find players with similar skill levels and then bet on themselves. If they win, they can collect their prizes from the prize pool.

The Exeedme ecosystem consists of centralized and decentralized gaming environments. The system will allow players to participate in tournaments and leagues filtered by skill level.

This way, it allows less experienced players to compete against players with higher skill levels and will enable them to improve their skills. It’s not yet clear what kinds of games will be available on the platform, but it’s a good start.

Exeedme aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. The Exeedme XED token will allow players to transfer their virtual assets between gaming universes and blockchains.

As a result, players gain prices for their participation on various gaming platforms. These players can earn XED in three different ways: through competitions, tournaments, and progress through the game itself.

Players can earn XED tokens by competing with other players and winning the tournament. These tokens can also be traded within the Exeedme platform and used in-game to purchase virtual items, coins, and other virtual assets.

Players are the most active participants in the blockchain!

Exeedme is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers rewards to players for playing. Its Play2Earn platform allows players to earn rewards by playing.

Also, it follows Polkadot’s steps, a next-generation multi-chain protocol. This protocol will allow users to play on the blockchain and earn coins.

Exeedme XED token
Exeedme XED token

It is important to note that players are the most active participants in the blockchain. They are also the ones who make the Exeedme platform a success. In addition to monetizing players, it enables a competitive layer above the gaming industry.

The Exeedme ecosystem combines the best features of centralized and decentralized games. Players’ skill level will determine which league they can join, and they will filter out players who are not as good as they are.

The Exeedme XED token will allow players to participate in game tournaments and leagues. The rewards will depend on the amount of XED that the player bets.

This feature is vital because gambling allows players to win exclusive prizes that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

In addition, this token works to pay players the rewards they get by participating in matchmaking tournaments.

Moreover, it entitles organizers to create new and innovative online esports tournaments, and game developers can incentivize their community to participate in beta testing.

The idea behind this ICO is to create a fair Play2Earn gaming platform that rewards players for their skills.

However, winning is not the only way to earn XED tokens.

In addition to obtaining the privilege of being a part of a tournament, XED token works to purchase other items within the game.

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