My Neighbor Alice: waiting for the game

If you’re unfamiliar with the MyNeighborAlice game, you’ve probably wondered what it is and how it works. In short, the game is a collaborative builder that combines elements of a game like Animal Crossing and a world of fantasy. The game was developed on the Chromia platform.

Unlike other builder games, however, MyNeighborAlice allows players to rent or purchase land and engage in activities and competitions with their neighbors.
The game is unique in several ways. The player can customize his or her land and earn tokens by completing quests, creating an avatar, and trading with other players.

The reputation system will reward good neighbors with increased benefits and incentives. Additionally, the game is based on blockchain technology, so the players will need to buy and sell in-game assets through a marketplace.

My neighbor alice gameplay image
My neighbor alice gameplay image

MyNeighborAlice is a socially interactive game based on blockchain. It combines a fun narrative with an immersive gameplay experience. Besides being a great way to interact with friends, MyNeighborAlice is also a fun multiplayer builder. You can even trade with your neighbors to earn coins and other in-game assets.

It’s a multiplayer building game on the blockchain that allows players to participate in social activities and interact with their neighbors. The game features a variety of different kinds of activities and rewards, such as playing sports, building houses, and making new friends.

MyNeighborAlice uses a blockchain-based asset called the ALICE token. The game will launch in early 2022 and you can purchase it with an ALICE token.

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