Mask Network: a blockchain platform that provides security and privacy

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering, what is Mask Network?

Founded in Shanghai, Mask Network has developed with great success since its launch. Unlike Facebook, it is a decentralized social network free from information censorship.

The mask network is a decentralized blockchain with a regulated ecosystem. The platform operates using a unique protocol called DAO. The development team plans to bring more products and services to the network, which will increase the value of MASK.

The MASK token works as a voting mechanism and an incentive to participate in the protocol ecosystem. Almost 40% of the total MASK supply is reserved for the Foundation Reserve, helping to attract developers and expand the ecosystem.

The main focus of the mast network is on web decentralization and market design to foster large-scale innovation.

Mask Network featurings
Mask Network features

Said decentralized nature of the technology is a significant advantage of the project. While it is still relatively new, it already offers a variety of features that would benefit its users.

A more simple definition of this platform is a decentralized blockchain platform that allows users to post and receive anonymous messages. For instance, it provides Twitter and Facebook users to encrypt their messages.

Moreover, the network allows a more secure Internet and enables users to access a better web within the leading platforms.

Some major companies already use this feature. It is also becoming a popular choice for those who want to protect their identity.

Readers must know that users will use their nodes on the Nym test network with the mask network. This collaboration wishes to help the two platforms build nodes for them.

The company plans to develop an encrypted messaging service to limit information leakage.

The Mask network supports a wide range of decentralized applications

An interesting fact about this platform is that the Mask Network is a decentralized layer built on social media.

Its decentralized nature allows anyone to create and develop their decentralized network infrastructure. This way also allows users to send and receive encrypted messages and send cryptocurrencies and other content.

Therefore, the Mask network supports a wide range of decentralized applications. It is compatible with many social media platforms and various popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Thanks to this fantastic feature, users can use the platform to publish their non-fungible tokens on social media platforms and bid for them on other platforms. The Mask network is a great way to communicate with other people safely and securely.

In addition to NFT integration, the Mask network has recently launched an updated version of its portal that allows users to use NFTs on social media. They have also been integrating dApps and a multi-chain wallet with this update.

Also, users can send payments without leaving social media platforms. The MASK token main feature is in governance. The MASK token is a member of MaskDAO, owner of the ecosystem.

The Mask network is a decentralized social network. Users can post encrypted messages, enter cryptocurrency giveaways, and share files with other members. The system also supports private communication, as users do not have to reveal their identity to anyone.

While the Mask network is decentralized, people can also use it on centralized platforms. DAApplets are small programs that perform simple functions in a more extensive program.

A new specialized Internet protocol

The mask network is a new specialized Internet protocol. Its goal is to create a decentralized global Internet similar to the Blockchain world.

Existing web panels, also known as Web 2, are dominated by technology companies, making it difficult for users to own their content.

The mask network aims to bridge these two worlds while maintaining the familiarity of traditional social media sites. Therefore, this method will allow users to use Web 3.0 technology without leaving their current web spaces.

Mask Network Platform
Mask Network Platform

With this infrastructure, anyone can create a meaningful decentralized application ecosystem. Anyone who believes in their right to privacy and self-sovereignty can use the mask network. And because of this, it offers easy access to billions of social media users.

As previously mentioned, the mask Network is an end-to-end decentralized, encrypted platform.

This platform works as follows; firstly, the user adds a layer of privacy to their online interactions through the Mask Network.

Afterward, the service provides end-to-end encryption for messages and information and handles an interpretation.

And finally, the decrypted message is displayed in plain text, ensuring that no one can see the sender’s private keys.

Many readers will find interesting that the protocol is completely free.

As an open-source platform, it does not require external servers.

To summarize, Mask Network is a decentralized portal that allows users to use Dapps on their existing social networks. 

Its main objective is to guarantee the security and protection of data on the Internet. However, users can also use the mask network in the financial world to provide a way to manage money and other sensitive information.

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