Lucid Lands: Build your own kingdom with unique heroes

Lucid Lands is a blockchain-based game that allows players to play with pets and earn tokens. It offers unique heroes that can be traded in the market and used to build an earthly kingdom.

These heroes can be collected and fought for, and their attributes can increase their price. Additionally, users can sell LUX tokens to investors in the Lucid Lands ecosystem.

The LLG network is a decentralized and non-fungible token market, that operates on the Binance Smart Chain network. Moreover, the game has two facets, a 2D NFT market, and 3D games. Lucid Lands aims to unite these two aspects in a fun and engaging game.

Firstly, each one-of-a-kind NFT Hero is worth a certain number of tokens, and its attributes determine its value. Then, once a player has acquired a sufficient number of these, they can open a gateway and summon one of their favorite heroes. Finally, the player can level up these heroes with the help of in-game resources and native LLG tokens.

Lucid lanes game
Lucid lanes game

Besides the LLT-USD token, players can also buy and sell NFT. This action will allow the player to spend the coins at the market, earn rewards, and improve their visual characters.

Lucid Lands is a fun decentralized NFT game of play to win. Your players win by participating in PVP battles and earning ranking rewards. Furthermore, they can sell and buy NFT on the Marketplace.

LLG is a BEP-20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain. To buy LLG, you can transfer USDT to Binance, convert it to BNB, and then exchange it for LLG on the PancakeSwap platform.

Collect all the heroes, build a pet empire and fight for glory

The Lucid Lands ecosystem will allow players to build a terrestrial kingdom, collect pets and fight for them. It will allow third parties to access genetic data and creative assets in the game, which players can use for marketing and other purposes.

Another fun feature of the game is that it will also include a social network and a professional platform and will become a world leader in decentralized NFT games.

In Lucid Lands, players will build their pet kingdom and use these unique NFTs to collect better unique heroes. Nevertheless, these NFTs are not negotiable in the market. They will increase in value in the game based on the attributes and activities of the player.

These tokens will then be exchanged for LLG, the in-game currency. Lucid’s underlying technology is the multipurpose GameFi Project, a decentralized P2E NFT at the BSC. In this way, players can earn LLG tokens for playing their favorite online games.

The Lucid Lands game has become more than just a game, for it comprehends a professional social network and platform, with gamers earning NFT to contribute to the ecosystem.

This game also combines 3D animated gameplay with a collective 2D NFT market. In addition to earning NFT, players can level up their heroes and sell them on the market.

Your unique heroes can be traded on the market

Besides the gameplay of the game, Lucid Lands also provides an opportunity for players to interact with friends in real-world settings. Community is an important part of game development and the developers are using it to build a vibrant community.

As the first decentralized NFT game to play to win on the BSC network, Lucid Lands combines a 2D NFT marketplace with a 3D animated gaming environment. Also, the coin uses an algorithm to determine its value.

In other words, crypto’s market price depends on the number of transactions per day. As the market rises, so does the cost of currencies.

There are several crypto exchanges where you can buy LLG. However, users must know that they can’t purchase LLG with fiat money, but they can buy it with USDT on fiat-to-crypto exchanges.

The best exchanges to buy the Token

Disclaimer this is not a financial advice.