Kill zombies in The new Walking Dead Empires game

The Walking Dead Empires is a new blockchain-based MMORPG. The game will feature more than 30 original characters from the hit show and exclusive weapons. Players will be able to build structures on the land they have acquired.

This new game is an RPG based on a story inspired by the TV show. It is possible to play as Rick Grimes or Michonne and other popular characters.

An exciting feature of this game is that players will buy and sell their characters and lands—a magnetic component for gamers considering the recent trend towards blockchain-based games, such as Axie Infinity.

While the company hasn’t published a specific release date for The Walking Dead: Empires, it has confirmed that it will be available in 2022.

The Walking Dead: Empires will also feature crafting, land ownership, and a variety of other gameplay elements. Also, it is another new multiplatform survival MMORPG. Players will use the blockchain to build a settlement and defend it against other players.

Moreover, it will require players to establish a settlement on their land, collect materials, build a base, and defend it from walkers. 

As we already know, The Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer survival game. Players must battle maniacal zombies as they scavenge for supplies and build a new home.

This game is an exciting way to build a new community and make friends with like-minded people.

Although the developer hasn’t revealed much about The Walking Dead Empires, its visuals suggest an RPG. Some of the characters from the television show appear in the game.

Players can own characters and lands to expand their empire in the game.

Blockchain game based on the TV series!

A new blockchain-based multiplayer survival game comes to Gala Games.

This developer is behind the episodic games based on the popular TV show The Walking Dead.

The new game will feature Michonne, Carl, and Rick Grimes characters.

Players can use blockchain technology to own characters and land in The Living Dead: Empires. Although this technology is already popular in other video games, Gala Games has yet to reveal more details about the game.

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Also, it is an exciting blockchain game based on the TV series, which will give fans a chance to defend their settlements from zombies and other players. Also, it will allow players to sell their virtual products and exchange their virtual land for cryptocurrencies.

The player will establish a base and a city to collect various items and resources. Upon launch, players will purchase in-game terrain and multiple types of ships and docks.

The game developers have not revealed any details about the game. However, the developer’s images on its website suggest that the game will be an RPG, allowing players to interact with the show’s characters.

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