How to import a Custom Indicator in TradeStation

In this Platform Tutorial, we show you how to import TradeStation custom indicators and strategies.

Once you have downloaded and installed your platform, it will automatically load all the files present by default will be automatic.

The TradeStation contains many indicators and strategies by default, which are not present in other similar platforms.

However, you may need to import TradeStation custom indicators present in a previous version of your platform.

Here it will be convenient to make a backup.

How to make a backup in TradeStation: here.

If you only have .eld files to be imported into your TradeStation, this is the procedure you will have to follow.

Click on “File” and choose “Import Export EasyLanguage”. A window will open, let’s see the various options.

How to import TradeStation custom indicator

Let’s forget, for the moment, the first item, “import EasyLanguage from”. If you have a .eld file already compiled, you will have to choose “import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA).

import easylanguage eld files in tradestation

At this point, you will have to select the folder in which your .eld file is contained and click on next.

select the folder to import easylanguage eld files in tradestation

TradeStation may ask you if you want to import all study types. We advise you to leave all items selected:

  • Function
  • Indicator
  • ShowMe
  • Strategy
Easylanguage import file .eld function indicator showme strategy

TradeStation will continue to show you all the studies and features included in your .eld file.

Also, in this case, we recommend that you leave everything selected for the correct functioning of the indicator and click on finish.

TradeStation import indicator select the study

Your indicator is correctly imported and you can use it inside the platform.

The protected file .Eld

You will often have to import TradeStation custom indicator protected files such as those found on this site.

Developers who grant indicators for free protect the code. This means that you can use the indicator and strategy completely, but you cannot view and change the code.

Even when you share your own indicator, our advice is always to send it in a safe way.

To do this, go to “File” and “Import Export EasyLanguage” and this time, choose “Export EasyLanguage Documents file (ELD) protected.

TradeStation EasyLanguage how export a protected eld indicator or strategy

This is the best practice!


Why a developer sent me a protected file?

Almost all developers send protected files. The indicators and strategies that you can download for free on this site are protected. 

An indicator can cost hundreds of dollars and can take many hours of programming. 

If it is provided for free, you will hardly have the code open. If instead you have purchased a custom indicator, it is right that you claim to have the file open and editable with the EasyLanguage editor

Can I import the custom indicator from the editor window?

Yes, the procedure is the same, even in the editor you have to click on the file and follow the guide. The settings are the same.