How to short the Yuan

Short selling Yuan is a trading option to look out for in this current economy. The Yuanhas become a very important currency on the international scene. 

China is a superpower that is challenging the United States in almost all economic sectors. Presently china rests as a major hub for manufacturing and production for multiple countries of the world. 

As a trader of foreign currencies, it is important to know when to short or long sell. For the Yuan, short selling could yield rather favorable returns since the currency’s value is on a high. 

It is correct to differentiate your portfolio, and therefore inserting an operation on the Yuan is certainly an excellent trading and investment idea. Trading platforms offer different ways to trade with the Yuan, the most immediate way could be to use a broker with the very popular mt4 platform. 

Of course, it can be done through other platforms, but the easiest remains the mt4

There are also many regulated instruments such as ETFs, Forex, CFD’s, Stocks, Futures, and more short sold. However, in this post, we will try to understand how short selling a currency works. Our primary focus is how to short sell the Yuan.


The dollar has always been the most widely used currency for trade, and China would like to lower the dollar weight and make it the standard for commercial transactions. 

yuan vs dollar with bollinger bands setup and analysis
Yuan vs Dolar with Bollinger Bands Strategy

Of course, this will be a battle because the dollar has been at the top for years. But many experts speculate that the Yuan is fast covering the gap with its presence in nearly every country. As of the end of 2020, it would take a trader a small amount of Yuan to purchase a dollar. However, a major issue for the Yuan is how rigid its currency trade and exchange rates are due to being managed by the Chinese government. In contrast, the USD is flexible and free to convert currency used by many countries. 

CNY with MetaTrader 4

– How to find a broker who trades the Yuan 

Typically you would need to find a trusted broker. Try googling or looking for reviews if you are indecisive. There are several available, with different terms and conditions. Log in to your MT4 terminal. Look for the file slot and select your server name, e.g., Top brokers. And then click select. From there, you can trade under the brokerage account. Learn more about Top Brokers here

– How to short the Yuan with the metatrader4

Your broker will most likely offer a trading option of USD/CNH or USD/CNY. This means that you can buy it onshore or offshore. Typically you should be allowed to sell the value of USD/CNY at its current price market and wait to buy when the value drops. Your broker will most likely offer you a CFD or spread bets before trading. 

USDCNY with supertrend strategy buy and sell
USDCNY with SuperTrend Strategy 

– Why choose the dollar against Yuan and not other currencies

  • China is an industrial country with a rising and significant prominence in the world
  • The currency is already selling at a few yuan for a dollar
  • Even with the wave of the 2020 economic shake, the Yuan still managed to appreciate 6.3%. With over 8% rise in just the 2nd half of the year alone.

– Evaluate the spread well because it is generally high

Before making a trade, a trader should be able to evaluate the broker spread properly. This way, they can properly formulate their strategy to make successful purchases. If your broker does not offer you a spread, you can make use of the Myfxbook 

– The swap and the multi-day

In a rough summary, the swap and the multi-day trades are methods that traders use, particularly in forex trading. The swap is the sum of trader gains or losses due to a rollover trade, holding a trading position overnight. Whereas the multi-day method is when traders leave their position for more than two days. 

– MT4 conclusions for short trades only

If you choose the MT4 as your trading platform, here are some definitive conclusions that can come in handy for short trades.

  • Choosing MT4 for short trades is much more simplified and easy for new traders.
  • Take your time and formulate a strategy. The market will always crash, so be prepared for that.
  • As a short trader, keep your ears glued to the economic and internal news of the market or commodity you are trading.
  • Try not to hold a multi-day position; this is as long as you do not have a solid plan or prediction of a major fall shortly.

How to short Yuan with ETF

– There are many ETFs to short YUAN

ETFs typically work the same way as stocks do; hence, you can shorten the Yuan with an ETF. There are many ETs options available for short selling with the Yuan. To find out all about it, check out the WisdomTree Short CNY Long USD.

wisdomtree long cny short usd
ETF to short Yuan with RSI Indicator

– ETFs in leverage and without leverage, the risk is Contango

A leverage ETF is set up to multiply each trade’s results, be it a gain or a loss compared to its index. An ETF without leverage is plain marketable security that monitors the securities in its index and offers a profit or loss in an equal ratio to it. Leveraged ETFs seem like a promising idea until the issue of Contango arises. 

Affecting only future based trades or investments, an investment is a contango when the near-month futures are cheaper than what the future results will be. This inevitably results in traders having to sell low and buy high.  

– Duration of the operation and choice of leverage, if the operation is multi-day, do not choose the leverage.

As a trader using the ETFs as a trading option, it is wise to use leveraged accounts for short term or intraday trades. This is to avoid Contango. Longer-term trades should be done using non leveraged ETFs.


There is always a way to make a profit with trading, even when the market price is falling. Short selling currencies is a lucrative trading choice but be warned that as easy as it might seem, there are warnings to be noted.