Horizen ZEN Token: Secure private transactions on a decentralized network

This cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital asset-backed by a network of tens of thousands of nodes. The Horizen blockchain uses the Equihash consensus algorithm to maintain security and facilitate ASIC mining. 

Originally, the Horizen network’s first name was ZenCash. After a year, it went from a cryptocurrency to a privacy platform. The Horizen network uses a distributed architecture and uses proof of stake to verify transactions.

In the same vein, the most important feature of the Horizen blockchain is protected transactions, which allow users to mask who they are sending and receiving funds to. All of it without revealing the value of those transfers.

Horizen uses a side chain system to ensure encryption. Its privacy-preserving architecture is based on a sidechain system that allows developers to build decentralized applications.

Horizen ZEN Token
Horizen ZEN Token

The Horizen team has put the pieces together to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. They have been working on delivering the SDK, which will help the Horizen ZEN token spread quickly. 

The ZEN token is the currency of the Horizen network. It is a cryptocurrency with the main purpose to support the Horizen network. 

The Horizen project co-founder was Robert Viglione, an electrical engineering graduate from the United States Naval Academy. Afterward, he served as a nuclear submarine officer in Hawaii. Before founding Horizen, Viglione worked for a mid-size IT company in Atlanta.

Input-Output Honk Kong is the most notable association in the Horizen development team. They have collaborated on many projects, including writing the Horizen-based blockchain prototype.

The Horizen network is completely decentralized

The Horizen platform is a decentralized zero-knowledge blockchain ecosystem. As it is completely decentralized, it also offers massive scalability and optional privacy features.

Its side chain system uses the Zendoo protocol, which allows the deployment of thousands of independent sidechains. Likewise, its main chain conforms to these side chains and has thousands of nodes. Therefore, its side chains are linked to the main chain.

Also, Horizen inherits the sk-SNARKS crypto from Zcash. Consequently, ZEN transactions are anonymous and pseudonymous. This process guarantees the highest levels of security.

The Horizen network uses Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. In a proof-of-work system, the miners process the transactions, while most of the reward goes to the miners. 

The ZEN token is the native cryptocurrency of the Horizen platform. Like all privacy coins, it uses zero-knowledge proof-of-work to establish and maintain private and public blockchains.

The Super Nodes implement the side, which is crucial to the functioning of the Horizen side chain. They combine the benefits of a complete and secure node and are able to host multiple services, including the sidechain.

The ZEN Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency and the main asset of the blockchain. The main feature of the protocol is its privacy-focused design.

The Horizen network supports a distributed node system

As a matter of fact, this protocol helps maintain the scalability and security of the network. Moreover, the cross-chain protocol is for developers and works with the blockchain.

The Horizen blockchain is a robust PoW public blockchain that supports zero-knowledge-enabled cross-chain protocols.

The Horizen network supports a distributed node system
The Horizen network supports a distributed node system.

Keep in mind that the Horizen sidechain is a blockchain that connects to the main chain through its encryption code. It uses two different types of nodes: Super and Secure. These two types of nodes are crucial to the side chain. Each of them has the capacity to host multiple services.

They are essential for the implementation of the Horizen side chain. Therefore, these are the most important nodes in the ecosystem.

The system uses a unique cross-chain transfer protocol to keep the main chain secure. In the end, the ZEN platform is also based on a decentralized blockchain.

The Horizen project is based on a multi-tier network of nodes. The ZEN token purpose is for transaction validation. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the network uses multiple tiers of nodes for this purpose.

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