Fight off Martian invaders with Fortified game

Fortified is an arcade-style shooter with real-time strategy elements. The objective of the game is to defend the Earth from the Martian invasion using various weapons.

First of all, players can use weapons from the Cold War era, as well as experimental alien technology to fight off Martian invaders. In this way, you will be able to create and update your own structures to help your team stay alive.

The development team is working with the Gala Games team to integrate Fortified into their platform. The developers plan to release a beta version of the game on the Node Network before the public release.

After the basic functionality is complete, the developers will work on the overall look of the game. After meeting the graphical objectives, the game will be ready for a full launch. This is a great game for both kids and adults.

The gameplay is fun and the art direction is top-notch. While many games have tried to adopt a retro-futuristic look, this one is far superior. Clapfoot Inc., the developer behind Fortified, is responsible for the game’s engaging text.

The Fortified game is an exciting cooperative experience that requires team coordination and strategy. The multiplayer aspect is what sets this particular game apart from the others.

This is a downloadable tower defense game that comes on PC and Xbox One. The game features four different heroes fighting waves of Martian robots. Players must build defensive structures, command armies and swarms of enemies.

Despite its repetitive gameplay, Fortified offers a variety of levels, as well as levels of difficulty. The game’s basic land types are described in its tutorial.

Fortified is a new blockchain game developed by Gala Games

It is worth noting that the main objective of the game is to protect the Earth.

This game is fun to play with friends or against the computer, taking into account that it is not only a strategy game, but it also allows you to make alliances with other players.

Its different characters have different play styles. Depending on your preference, you can choose between four characters in the game. All of these heroes have unique perks and abilities.

Again, it’s important to note that each character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, therefore players should be able to find one that suits their style.

The game is a tower defense game with a futuristic fantasy setting. You will defend your rockets from Martian robots and destroy enemy structures. The game features third-person action, which is intense and satisfying.

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Fortified has a lot of content to offer. You will fight against various enemies, including enemies from Mars. You can use various types of weapons and structures to defeat your opponents.

Furthermore, users can build their own rockets and build them with materials that they find on the ground. But always should keep in mind that hardened games tend to have a longer time load.

Fortified is a tower defense game, but it takes it to a sci-fi level. Set in a fantasy world from the 1950s, the player defends a space station from waves of Martian robots.

Players set up towers and defenses and race across the map shooting the leftovers. Moreover, the game is fast and fun, with lots of shooting.

The game features a variety of different types of lands!

Fortified features many interesting mechanics and a simple control scheme. The player has to strategically place their towers to repel waves of enemies. To protect your base, you can build troops and squads to fight enemies.

The gameplay is similar to other games from the same company. The game features a multiplayer arena, and players fight each other to protect their base.

There are several different modes available, and each of them is designed to be challenging. For instance, there is an online multiplayer mode where one player can compete with other players.

The main objective of the game is to defend the land from robotic invaders. In complement to towers, the game features a variety of different types of lands.

The game is a mix of tower defense, strategy, and third-person shooter elements. Besides, the game uses a retro-futuristic production design. This action-packed strategy shooter game is a unique and interesting combination of elements from various genres.

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