EpicHero: the largest 3D NFT Metaverse Game

EpicHero is a virtual world game that is based on blockchain technology. Users can earn rewards by owning NFTs, and these can be combined to create stronger heroes. For instance, you can combine Zeus and Poseidon and obtain a stronger hero!

In this way, players can use these NFTs to evolve their heroes. Once this happens, players can use this powerful combination to accomplish incredible feats and win great battles.

Play-to-win games dominate the blockchain industry, so you have an excellent opportunity to make yourself known. Thus, EpicHero 3D NFT can quickly become famous by attracting seasonal players.

EpicHero 3D NFT is the world’s first NFT to reward its holders with mirror rewards at BNB. The NFT is available on traditional centralized exchanges but can also be traded on a decentralized exchange. This quality makes it easy to transfer NFT to other wallets.

EpicHero 3D NFTs
EpicHero 3D NFTs

The main feature of the game is its impressive 3D graphics. Unlike other projects that use 2D NFT graphics, the game is truly 3D. This characteristic allows the user to see their hero in high definition and rotate 360 degrees. Plus, it comes with a zoom in / out function.

The reader can deny that this is a unique feature that you cannot find in any other BSC NFT game. Accordingly, the game can be a fun and rewarding experience for all players.

Don’t worry if you want to start playing, but you don’t want to feel alone! The community has a very active presence on social media. They have a Twitter page, and the team regularly posts updates on the project’s progress.

Moreover, they have a website and a Facebook page to invite people to join. On the forums, members can also post questions to the EpicHero team.

In EpicHero 3D NFT, the user builds an unstoppable force of characters!

To start using EpicHero, you need to set up your crypto wallet. For instance, you can use Metamask. Nevertheless, to use Metamask, you must first install a wallet extension.

To do this, click the “Add to Metamask” link on the EpicHero 3D NFT website (you can find it at the end of this blog post), and once you have installed it, you are ready to play!

Another feature of this platform is that EpicHero has a burning mechanism that reduces token supply over time. Accordingly, the EpicHero 3D NFT platform uses a combination of EPICHERO and BEP-20 tokens. 

As we already said before, the EpicHero 3D NFT is the largest 3D NFT metaverse game on the Binance Smart Chain Network. This feature allows users to combine thousands of Epic Hero Battle Cards and take them to the biggest arena in the game.

Besides, EpicHero also offers incentives to reward users with bonuses in virtual goods, services, and other perks, For instance, its virtual pet store! You can raise your pets and trade them to earn more BNB.

To summarize, in EpicHero 3D NFT, users can build an unstoppable force of characters. Players can choose their favorite mythological heroes, and their tokens are tradable, letting users buy and sell them on the BNB network.

Let’s not forget that tokens are also used as in-game currency, allowing players to make purchases on the market and even spend their NFTs on a variety of items in the game.

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