Build your own social network with DeSo

In this blog post, we explore the basics of DeSo blockchain technology and what it could mean for businesses and consumers. We’ll take a look at some of the benefits of using DeSo blockchain technology, including security, transparency, and efficiency.

The DeSo blockchain is a platform that enables decentralized social media. The main goal of the DeSo network is to make social media platforms scalable and empower users.

Currently, the DeSo blockchain is the foundation of several applications. Nader Al-Naji founded the company in January 2019. He was previously a software engineer at DE Shaw Group and served on Google’s search and ad teams.

An exciting aspect of the DeSo network is that it provides users with a simple and intuitive interface while allowing complete control of their social interactions. In other words, users can decide what to distribute, to whom and how it will look. 

The DeSo blockchain works for decentralized social media applications. It will give users more control over the content and will allow them to interact with others in new and exciting ways.

The DeSo network will allow users to create their own social media platform by dictating the rules and eliminating the implicit evils of power among a few. Furthermore, it will also enable users to tokenize posts and tips for other people using the platform.

Also, it will allow social tokens and tips, which opens the door to a new world of goods enabled with money. Making this technology available to the masses will make it easier for creators to monetize their work and engage their audience.

The DeSo blockchain is designed to allow users to have full control of their data!

One of Deso’s unique features is Its custom architecture, capable of storing and protecting billions of users. This feature allows users to control their data entirely. Its native crypto token, DESO, works to monetize social media.

The developers of this platform have no limits on what they can do with it, and the content they create is easily monetized. It is portable for all mobile devices and available for millions of users.

DeSo treats social data as a public utility. Therefore, this content is instantly accessible to a growing number of third-party applications.

The DeSo network business model revolves around transactions through a network of thousands of third-party applications.

It enables various new functions and features that will be impossible on a traditional Internet. It will allow developers to create social media applications that are easy to use and powerful.

DeSo blockchain
DeSo blockchain

DeSo is not a general-purpose blockchain. It only offers a limited set of features geared towards social media.

While existing blockchains are not suitable for social applications, DeSo functions for decentralized social networks; therefore, 100% of the code and data are open and transparent.

Content is stored directly on the blockchain, allowing users to control its distribution and monetization. Plus, it’s fast, secure, and highly scalable.

The DeSo blockchain’s main point was to support Decentralized Social, a social network focusing on privacy and scalability. The company’s goal is to create the world’s most popular social media application.

Users can employ DESO tokens to buy social tokens, create profiles, and post content on the network. Moreover, they can also use DESO as payment for microservices within the network. The platform is available on the iOS and Android platforms.

New type of blockchain designed to power decentralized Web 3.0 social media

DeSo blockchain is the first decentralized social network built on blockchain technology. It functions on top of IPFS (the Interplanetary File System), connecting all computing devices.

The reader must know that the DeSo blockchain has many advantages over other blockchains. In addition to its decentralized nature, it is highly scalable, allowing for a much lower budget.

This blockchain allows all users to contribute to a decentralized social network. Moreover, the DeSo network uses a token-based system, using the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to this protocol, users can exchange their DESO tokens for microservices and other items.

The DESO social network will allow sharing content without permission by handling media content as a public utility. Plus, it is more accessible than traditional media. As we already established, its decentralized nature allows users to share content without permission.

In conclusion, the DeSo blockchain is a new type of blockchain with the primary intention to power decentralized Web 3.0 social media.

Apart from the fact that it was developed in 2019, it is a revolutionary technology that is ready to change the future of the Internet.

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