You can own a real horse with DeRace

DeRace is a game consisting of a real horse racing simulation. This game is the first to combine three massive markets: Gambling, NFT, and Horse Racing.

DeRace allows you to participate in horse races without actually being there. You can join as a horse owner or as a gambler and play as a horse or a bookmaker.

The game also has other ways to win, such as predicting the outcome of a race. In this way, you can sell your predictions on the market and earn additional profit.

The DeRace game has a unique feature in that it offers a unique platform for creating real-life gambling experiences. You can use real money to buy and sell horses.

DeRace game
DeRace game

You can even earn rewards by participating in races and raising NFT horses. This game has become a truly authentic experience, and it offers complex and rewarding gameplay.

There are several different ways to win this game, including watching ads, betting on the horses, or just having fun.

The DeRace game is a unique way to play horse racing. You can buy and sell virtual horses and compete for prizes, and genetic algorithms will evaluate your horses.

The game uses RNG technology to create a fair race, meaning that winning depends on the speed and stamina of the horse. The DeRace blockchain will be able to track and analyze your race results.

Furthermore, players can bet on the horses and even buy them before the game’s public launch.

DeRace is the first game to incorporate horse racing and video games!

You can buy and sell the horses you want and earn with them. Also, being a good player and making more coins gets its rewards!

DeRace is the first game to incorporate horse racing and video games. Moreover, blockchain technology is a new way of generating new coins, so players can earn rewards by placing their bets.

This is the first hybrid game to use blockchain technology and random number generator to combine sports betting and video games. It puts the community’s interests first and gives players complete control over game assets.

DeRace is an online simulation of real-life horse racing and the surrounding ecosystem. It allows you to own horses, raise them and compete in races.

You can also become a bookmaker and participate in charity horse races. The gameplay is complex and realistic, and you can play as a horse owner, bookie, or gambler.

In this game, you play as a bookmaker. You can also compete against other players by selling your horse and winning prizes. You can also earn rewards by predicting the outcome of races and selling your predictions on the market.

The DeRace ecosystem will allow players to own and compete with horses. The goal is to become the leader in the horse racing industry. The decentralized nature of the game will enable people to bet on their favorite horse and participate in the platform’s governance.

DeRace horse racing
DeRace horse racing

To summarize DeRace is a blockchain and video game technology platform that brings horse racing, sports betting, and video games into one exciting game.

DeRace prioritizes community needs and gives players complete control over their in-game assets as an open-source.

Disclaimer this is not a financial advice.