Explore a limitless universe with DEEPSPACE

The DEEPSPACE Platform (DPS) offers gamers an immersive space gaming experience and allows users to mine game assets and battle against other players, and more!

First of all, the game includes the ability to build and customize starships and participate in player versus player scenarios. Customizations are often for value-added purposes, such as increasing a starship’s attack and defense capabilities.

Secondly, the game’s property takes as inspiration the planets of the DEEPSPACE universe. The player can buy properties by making offers in the market; nevertheless, the property’s price depends on the size and rate of the planets’ resources edition.

Third but not least, DEEPSPACE users can mine, build and battle, as well as customize their starships. Players can customize their starships by buying and selling various types of resources or by investing their own money in them.

In some cases, parties can make strategic decisions and use this to increase their chances in an active battle. Also, the developers of DEEPSPACE insist on launching a marketplace for gamers, where they can trade in-game assets for real-world money.

Furthermore, the game features a variety of modes, including mining, building, and battle. Additionally, users can customize their starships through strategic upgrades. In this way, partakers can improve their chances in active battles.

DEEPSPACE developers have a long-term expansion plan. In 2022, the game will allow players to perform gambling activities to win. You will be able to mint, buy and sell starships to earn tokens and purchase upgrades and new gear on the NFT market.

If you want to start playing, you must know that prices vary according to your size, experience level, and how often your resources refresh. Moreover, since the NFT market will be available to all players, they can even mint starships and sell them for a profit.

The DEEPSPACE universe comprises many planets, and these planets will further split to create in-game properties. Owners can sell and buy these properties on the NFT market.

Unlock and build spaceships

Some in-game assets will be available for sale, while the game may give others out randomly. The game will also be available to players on the DEEPSPACE testnet.

The DPS platform has several proprietary technologies. One of them is the NFT market. This market allows players to sell and buy items on their planets.

Unlock and build spaceships DEEPSPACE testnet
Unlock and build spaceships – DEEPSPACE testnet

It will also allow players to trade real-world currency, which is an excellent benefit for those not in the market to trade digital currencies. As a result, players can benefit from the space-based metaverse.

Players can own property in the game and sell items on the NFT market. This feature will allow them to gain value and participate in the in-game economy. Players will make in-game property sales on the NFT market.

Other than this, players will be able to sell and buy different types of assets on the market and gain value as they progress through the game. Once they do, they will be able to purchase these properties in-game.

The game will have an auction system to sell properties within the game. Once this market is up and running, it will be possible for users to earn tokens and become owners. They can also sell and buy in-game items.

DEEPSPACE is a space-based P2E strategy game based on a blockchain. It is a Play-to-Earn game that encourages players to take risks and earn passive income by holding and trading NFTs. In the same vein, a player can mine resources and build structures.

The game allows you to explore the DEEPSPACE multiverse with a fleet of ships, gather resources, and prepare for combat across the universe. More than 20 developers, designers, and technical architects are working on this project.

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