Chromia CHR: a blockchain for DApps

Chromia (CHR) is a blockchain for DApps and offers multiple blockchain solutions for a single MMOG. These blockchain solutions are developed using smart contracts. Each node on a given chain is owned by a single entity and receives 25% APR governance reward.

The Chromia platform has several uses, including the development of mobile applications.
The platform enables a single transaction to be made by many users. Moreover, the blockchain can be extended to thousands of users simultaneously.

This allows developers to develop multifunctional and decentralized apps for any business. As an added benefit, Chromomia is easily scalable. Its relational architecture and easy-to-use interface will make it possible to build decentralized applications. The network’s infrastructure can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Why Chromia is different

Chromia is like other public blockchains, but it is different. There are no miners in Chromia; instead, there are providers. Providers own nodes that make blocks. It has been suggested that the four largest mining pools of both Bitcoin and Ethereum could control those networks if they worked together.

The Chromia developer is sure that it is impossible for a small number of people to control Chromia. This way, the Chromia model does not centralize more than the oldest and most trusted public blockchains.

The PBFT-style consensus in Chromia is more complex because it connects to a Proof of Work blockchain, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum. This helps ensure that the finality, which means you cannot change transactions after they are confirmed, is as strong as the anchoring chain.

Chromia for Games

The most anticipated and famous game of the Chromia platform is My Neighbor Alice. The game is a collaborative builder which combines elements from Animal Crossing with a world of fantasy. 

chromia game my neighbor alice
chromia game my neighbor alice

My Neighbor Alice is different from other builders’ games in that it allows players to buy or rent land, and participate in activities and competitions alongside their neighbors. You can personalize your land, earn tokens and trade with other players by completing quests and creating avatars. 

Reputation will give neighbors more benefits and incentives. The game uses blockchain technology so players can buy and sell assets in-game through a marketplace. The platform’s debut is set for July 20, 2021. Another game is Mines of Dalarnia.

CHR Token

The CHR token is an ERC20 public blockchain. It is primarily used for staking and node rewards and can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. It can be used in various decentralized applications.

The best exchanges to buy the Token

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