Blue Horizon: 3D art and digital collectibles. All in one place

Blue Horizon is a new blockchain-based NFT platform that allows users to create and share 3D art. This way it focuses on combining the benefits of NFTs with enveloping DeFi concepts. Blue Horizon works with an excellent team of specialists in blockchain, selected by its art director.

The platform features a selected NFT market, gamification, and NFT farming. Besides, it is already in the process of completing the NFT integration with Binance Smart Chain but expects to be up and running in the coming months.

The Blue Horizon platform offers a range of benefits that make it the best choice for NFT enthusiasts. Moreover, using the power of blockchain and DeFi, the Blue Horizon platform combines the best features of both worlds to create a seamless and unified ecosystem for creators and collectors. 

The Blue Horizon NFT platform offers its services and benefits to anyone who wants to make their mark in the NFT market. And create a decentralized exchange platform for digital artists.

The reader must know that its native cryptocurrency is the BLH tokens, which users can purchase with any token on a DEX. Furthermore, users can then use them for gamification and farming.

Eventually, the Blue Horizon platform will expand to other regions and provide a truly immersive experience for users. As it keeps empowering artists and fans, the NFT platform allows them to gain fame and a dedicated following. Besides, it rewards its users for holding the BLH token!

This way, Blue Horizon aims to create a multifaceted ecosystem that supports artists and collectors. By offering a free NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange, Blue Horizon will help artists earn a stable income and build a community for their creations.

The Blue Horizon platform will offer several benefits for users!

The Blue Horizon platform will offer several benefits for users. Let us start by remembering that the platform will provide users with financial rewards for holding BLH tokens. Users can buy and sell NFT on the Binance smart chain.

By offering a large and decentralized NFT market, Blue Horizon will potentially raise the bar in the NFT space. Furthermore, its underlying technology will support multiple functions, such as trading and crowdfunding.

On the other hand, the Blue Horizon platform has many features to offer its users. The platform is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which guarantees fast transactions in the cryptocurrency space. Moreover, your NFT and BLH tokens will function as a yield farm.

The Blue Horizon project is a hybrid platform that incorporates blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. In addition to their website, the Blue Horizon team maintains an active community on Twitter.

Blue horizons features 1
Blue horizon’s features

Blue Horizon is building a community ecosystem centered on its artists and users. Offering a decentralized ecosystem that gives users access to exclusive content will allow artists to gain notoriety and a dedicated following.

It has brought on Creative Art Director NFTony, who previously worked at Ubisoft, Disney, and Netflix. As the business grows, its ecosystem will also expand to include more services and content for users. By creating a community, Blue Horizon helps its users create unique experiences.

Blue Horizon also includes gamification and NFT farming!

As we previously mentioned, the platform includes gamification, NFT farming, and many other features of the DeFi ecosystem available on the Blue Horizon platform.

Blue Horizon will be one of the few platforms that will allow users to buy and sell NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Through the selected market, users will buy and sell NFT.

Besides being a project that is a market for NFT, its goal is to be an artist-centric ecosystem where creators and collectors can maximize the potential of NFTs. that is to say, it aims to create an artist-centric ecosystem where NFTs meet DeFi.

If you decide to join this community, your partnerships with the newest game developers will help you select and produce exclusive collections. They will help increase the value of NFTs and benefit artists and collectors alike.

Blue Horizons a multifaceted ecosystem
Blue Horizons – A multifaceted ecosystem

As the reader already knows, companies are the leading runners of NFT exchanges. Therefore, the company seeks to build a thriving and decentralized blockchain free from any form of centralization.

The Blue Horizon Token is an ERC-20 compliant utility designed to combine NFT and DeFi. These tokens have an ERC-721 protocol, which allows their use with any cryptocurrency, and to expand beyond traditional art markets as they develop an ecosystem for the NFT community.

The best exchanges to buy the Token

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