Best 4 Most Used Trading Journals In 2021

This blog post is all about the best 4 trading journals that will be used in 2020 and 2021. It takes you through each of the four, highlighting their features and how they compare to one another. If you’re looking for a new journal this year then look no further because we’ve got it right here!

The ease of use and accessibility are essential qualities every trade journal should have. Today, you have so many options if you want to keep a soft trading journal app. Although most trading journal apps have features, some of these apps are highly preferred by a vast majority.

Here’s my pick of the four best most used trading journals and their unique features.

Trading isn’t always fun. Although there are beautiful days that will produce more profit than you’ve made all year round, there are also terrible days that can keep you mentally down.

Learning to journal every trading experience is the first step to improve your trading.

Oops! Maybe it’s not! The first step should be to have the best trading journal that makes daily journaling of your trades possible. Here are the four people’s favorites you can pick from:


First on my list is Trademetria. It’s by far one of the best journaling software that you’d readily find today. Trademetria has significant features, like the trade analyzer and portfolio tracker. Trademetria gives you the tools to help you understand your trading activities and performance to improve your trading skills.

Key Benefits of Trademetria

With Trademetria, you can import your trading activities and history instead of manual typing.
You can rightly show your trade decision, buy or sell in the designated section of this journal.
It helps you pay attention to the most delicate trading details, which could include stop loss, entry price, exit price, and time of the trade.
The performance analyzer features help you sieve through past trade to find the best performing pair and a viable trading decision that works.
Trademetria makes journaling for multiple accounts efficient and swift.

By simply documenting and analyzing previous trade with Trademetria, you can learn to make better trading decisions. It’s also possible to take it further, because Trademetria allows you to generate reports from your trading.

How many does it cost to use the Trademetria?

For starters, you get a free version of Trademetria for one month. After, you can opt for any suitable monthly subscription packages of $19.95 for the basic plan and $29.95 for the pro plan.


Presently, Edgewonk is one of the high-ranking and most used trading journals out there. It is why the journal made it to my list. But more than that, Edgewonk has many mouthwatering features that you’d enjoy when journaling your trades. I love the software is functional and easy to use. But what more does this software offer?

Key Benefits of Edgewonk

You can easily back-test your strategy on stock trading or currency pairs using the in-built trade simulator that comes with the journal app.
You can also assess your trade performance to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.
The software user interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
Thanks to Edgework, all your trading data can finally be in one place.

Edgewonk is built with the user’s preference in mind. Compared to other software where you are bombarded with much information, you can choose what you want to display on each page this app presents. Doesn’t that sound unique?

The general design of this app is breathtaking, and it makes journaling fun. The app is so customizable it can easily fit for whatever you need to journal, including stock options futures, currency trading, cryptocurrency trading, and even sports betting. It is priced at $187, which is a one-time payment.


Tradervue is a unique trading journal that makes documenting individual trades comfortable and spotless. This is the best day trader’s journal you will find. It offers the opportunity to share your trade-in, besides unique analytical features that can help you rate and change your trading strategy.

Key Benefits of Tradervue

Tradervue offers the most straightforward journaling software interface to navigate.
The analytical features help you make a complete diagnosis of your trade actions and result to help you cut off what doesn’t work.
It has an auto-attached price chart and chart studies you can easily refer to.
Provides a comprehensive means of journaling trades.

Tradervue has a free version you can use at no cost. However, you won’t have access to some premium features, including advanced charting and analytical features. Also, the free version has a max trade input of 100 per month.

The premium subscription plan comes in two packages: silver ($29 per month) and gold ($49 per month).


Tradersync is admirably flexible, and it offers rich and essential trading journal features everybody loves. This journal has been in use since 2014, and has undergone many revisions and rebuilds to make it the better version we have today.

Key Benefits of TraderSync

This app supports all mobile devices, which makes it convenient.
You can choose to import your trade journal or manually input them.
You can manage and document trade data for multiple portfolios using the app.

Buy and Sell, or whatever trade decision you make, can be easily inputted in this journal. There’s also a unique feature, like the artificial intelligence feedback feature, that can automatically analyze your trade and give quality feedback. The app offers a free 7-day trial, the Pro plan costs $29.95 per month, the premium plan costs $49.95 per month, and the Elite plan costs $79.95.


I just gave you the best four trading journal software that many people recommend. If you care about trading and want to improve how you view the market and make trade decisions, you should consider one of the options I gave you.