How to use the Backup and Restore TradeStation utility

The Backup and Restore TradeStation utility is a handy tool when you need to export all data from your platform.

Let’s say you have to format your desktop or have purchased a new one. You will need to transfer all your data in one step.

Over time, you have probably saved your custom indicators and strategies in .eld files; many traders also keep desktops and workspaces in individual folders. But how would you check that you saved everything? 

With the backup, you will not lose even one of your precious indicators.

There is also an advantageous possibility of setting up automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Following the backup, it creates a relatively large file that we recommend saving to a cloud or an external archive. 

Many times when you need to perform a restore of the TradeStation, something happened to the PC and the hard disk is not accessible.

But let’s see how to use the Backup and Restore TradeStation utility.

How to use the Backup and Restore TradeStation utility

To access the Backup and Restore TradeStation utility, you will need to click on “File” and then choose “Backup / Restore TradeStation” and then “Backup TradeStation”.

How to open the Backup and Restore TradeStation utility

For now, let’s skip automatic backup and see how to perform a manual backup.

To perform a manual backup, you will need to click on “New” and enter the name of the backup file you want to create.

How to create a new Backup and Restore TradeStation utility

We called the file “Backup TradeStation Tutorial”. We have to decide what we want to export; we will choose all the fields, leave everything as per the basic setting.

backup configuration in TradeStation utility

As we have already recommended, it would be better to save the file on an external hard disk or in a cloud. Then enter the path to save the file and then start the backup by clicking on “Start Backup”

select the file destination for Backup and Restore TradeStation utility

How to schedule an automatic Backup in TradeStation

As we said, set up an automatic backup at least weekly or based on how many times you change your TradeStation.

In the Backup and Restore TradeStation, utility creates a new “Weekly” and “Monthly” configuration. Then you have to change the destination folder as you saw before.

Click on “Schedule Automatic Backup Job” and choose a time. Remember that your computer will need to be turned on when the automatic backup starts.

You have to decide whether to make a backup Daily, Weekly or Monthly and choose the day of the week you prefer to make a backup.

Then click on close and the settings will be automatically saved and the backup will start on the set date and time.

How to create an automated Backup with TradeStation

When choosing the day and time, also remember that in the time necessary to make the backup, you cannot use the TradeStation.

Then select a time when you are not trading.