7 games that are using Enjin Coin

The Ejin Coin is one of the most booming cryptocurrencies in the world of video games. If you are a Minecraft player, you probably already know about it. One of its main advantages is that it can be used even by those people who are not very knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies.

This cryptocurrency has features such as:

  • Create and manage virtual assets.
  • Get connection to multiple SDKs.
  • Set up a smart wallet.
  • Offers fast and free transactions.

Now, if you identify yourself as passionate about video games.

Regarding this, you may be interested in knowing that the Enjin Coin allows you to easily access rewards or exchange them for another cryptocurrency you want.

Additionally, Enjin has established an exclusive platform for the world’s largest gaming community, where apart from interacting with colleagues, you can increase your knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

You should know that the SDK is available in different programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, Unity, Godot, and Java.

Another essential piece of information is that Enjin developers created Enjin Beam. You can distribute it among the different users with a simple scan of a QR code, simplifying the distribution process. 

If you still want to know, even more, it also has its wallet within the Ethereum network. In this way, you can also carry out your transactions.

Keep reading if you would like to know what are the games which use Enjin Coin.

Kingdom Karnage game

The Kingdom Karnage game is a card-based strategy game. Players collect cards, combine them, and then use them to attack their opponents.

In consequence, using these cards can unlock new abilities that they can be used to dominate your opponents.

These cards have a base value of 5 to 8 ENJ. In addition to this, you can also trade them directly between other players.

Likewise, you can earn more cards and boosts by swapping them with other players as you progress through the game.

Character cards in Kingdom Karnage are green and red and have health stats in green.

So, these cards appear on your character’s body and are used to deal damage. When your character is hit, they take damage that accumulates.

You can recover from these attacks, but you won’t be able to do so every turn. In addition, you can’t heal your character unless you spend a certain amount of Karnage. This is a crucial feature of the game.

In addition to being a card game, Kingdom Karnage also uses next-gen technology to allow users to trade their cards. You can set your prices for your cards and name your price.

You’ll get more bang for your buck in Kingdom Karnage compared to the average TCG. You can find Kingdom karma on Steam or other gaming websites.

Therefore, you can learn more about this new title by checking out our review!

Know more about Kingdom Karnage

Kriptomat game

When you play the game, you’ll earn Gems that can be spent on the latest games. The gems you earn are multiplied by the value of your founder token.

So, this means you can win crafting ingredients, which you can use to prepare powerful dragons.

Once you’ve crafted a dragon, you can use it to save on trading fees. Each dragon represents a discount in the game.

When you buy a new dragon, you can redeem its coupon code to save on the trading fee.

The ‘Kriptomat’ rewards program is free and offers unique collectible cards that can be traded or sold.

All the cards are powered by the Enjin blockchain and can be bought or sold for a profit. You can also exchange your dragon cards for discounts and prizes.

You can also participate in giveaways throughout the year and earn 10 EUR just for referring others to the game. Ultimately, this rewards program is an excellent way for gamers to reward their efforts.

This unique rewards program is designed to keep people engaged in the game and is a great way to promote your brand. You can also earn a free gift certificate when you refer a friend to the site.

This will make the rewards program even more lucrative. You’ll also receive a 10 EUR referral bonus when referring a friend to Kriptomat.

The rewards program is free to join and will continue to grow throughout the year.

Six Dragons game – Enjin Coin

The Six Dragons is a single-player RPG based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can trade items on open marketplaces and enchant items.

In the future, players could make a career by enhancing items and thus gain additional resources. There is no crafting system in The Six Dragons in the current version. Instead, players must obtain the materials from the bosses to enchant weapons and armor.

The game is based on decentralized blockchain gaming, which means the community will run all the blockchain functions. 

Also, players will be able to enchant items to increase their stats. To enchant an item, players must collect enough materials to perform the enchanting process. They must choose a skill from the skill tree during this process and then click the corresponding button.

A new skill is unlocked with each new level, but players must earn it. In The Six Dragons, players can level up their items by “enchanting” them.

The player must spend Enjin Coins to gain more stats to enchant an item.

When a character uses an enchanted item, it will give the player higher stats. The enchantment process is also done using the blockchain.

Shield of Shalwend game

7 games that are using Enjin Coin 1
Shield of Shalwend is using Enjin Coin

The multiverse action-adventure game, Shield of Shalwend, has been released on PC and MAC and has already received a positive reception from the gaming community. In the game, players control a warrior named “Shalwend”.

They have to defend the castle for 25 days to gain a legendary arsenal and the mythical Piraeus War Shield. The game is available for both PC and MAC and is available for download now on the Enigma Games website.

Developed by Enjin, the game is a top-down action RPG in which the player controls a medieval warrior.

The game uses a unique system that rewards players with new weapons and armor. Players will gain experience through levels and unlock new items by completing the game’s many challenges.

This action RPG has a single-player mode and local PvP. The game also supports gestures.

This 3D fighting game has a variety of game modes and features, and the player can customize their character by equipping new weapons as they progress.

The Enjin blockchain and NFT loot will make the game more addictive. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or a relaxing game, Shield of Shalwend is worth a try! It will feel like an authentic arcade experience when you play the game.

Space Misfits game – Enjin Coin

The Space Misfits game takes its cues from a variety of online MMOs. With a retro-inspired 3D low-poly look and a synthwave soundtrack, the game features both a contemporary aesthetic and a wicked sense of humor.

Players can choose their own tokenized attitude, ranging from sarcastic to snarky, and dance over enemy spaceship debris in the game’s PvP/PVE mode.

Players explore the universe, build ships, and battle other players. The in-game economy is open and based on the Enjin blockchain.

This means that players can trade real-world value items with other players in the game. Space Station Tokens are the most valuable currency in the game, obtained by performing actions in-game.

They can be traded for real-world goods and services.

The Space Misfits game is free to play, but you can also purchase a premium subscription.

The Space Misfits game is a 3D, low poly, sandbox MMO. Players can hunt and mine for real-world value items and use these resources to build and customize their ships.

They can also trade items and trade them for real-world currencies, like another similar game Star Atlas. What makes the game unique is its open economy on the Enjin blockchain.

There will be no network fees for gamers. There are no download requirements.

War of Crypta game

War of Crypta is an ENJIN-based online game has you raise and fight monsters for the good of your team.

As you level up your Heroes, they become stronger and more skilled, and some evolve into new versions. Winning battles will also help you climb the competitive ranks and earn better rewards.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can build your team and advance in competitive positions.

The game features a PvP multiplayer battle mode. You select a team of five heroes and fight against other players. Each hero has a different power and a different ability.

You’ll need to develop a strategy that will help you defeat the other team.

You’ll have to think strategically to win and make your team more powerful. The more you train your heroes, the more can be improved.

In the game, you play as a hero. You’ll need to gather your army and defend your planet against the enemy. You’ll need to choose the right strategy to win the battle.

The game is free to play, and you can explore your abilities and develop your characters by leveling them. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game where you and your team will face off in fast-paced battles.

War of crypta
Are you ready to win with War of Crypta?

Wavelings game – Enjin Coin

Wavelings game is a highly ambitious and socially-evolved RPG whose goal is to bring people of all types together in a single, interconnected world.

Its characters will be cybernetically enhanced with jetpacks, nano-tech healing kits, hoverboards, stress indexes, and more. You will be able to choose your companions from an AI selector.

The game is currently in development, and a demo will be made available at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day.

The demo will demonstrate the game’s innovative mechanics and show off the AI companion. The companion will be a companion to the players and can be upgraded and improved as they progress.

Once you’ve unlocked all the levels, your AI companion will support and help throughout the game.

The game is a sci-fi open-world MMO that will use blockchain technology. The developers behind the game, Axana Games, joined the Blockchain Game Alliance last week and are working on the final version. It is a full-scale sci-fi MMORPG and is set to launch in 2021.

The AI companion will help you set up your blockchain wallet and get started in the game.

Each AI has a unique identity on the Ethereum blockchain, and each Waveling will be assigned a unique non-fungible token.

The game has been developed by a team of talented video game developers. Its funding goal is CA$ 74,000.

The campaign offers a range of rewards. The rewards can be customized and are dependent on the amount of money you contribute.

The developer has put up a Kickstarter campaign to help the game develop. It will allow the gamers to help fund the development of the game. What is Wavelings game? The answer may surprise you. 


Indeed, the Enjin Coin is here to stay and many other cryptocurrencies. However, its versatility and ease of use are characteristics that you should consider if yours is the world of video games.

However, the advancement of technology has shown that the ENJ may be useful in other areas of our lives. It is more natural to use cryptocurrencies than any other means of payment.

Disclaimer this is not a financial advice.