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On October 28, 2021, the MetaVerse became a reality. All other technology companies will join Facebook and they will bring in the fifth industrial revolution. This is when tokens and NFTs will flourish.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the crypto world for a long time, and it has now reached a stage of maturity, thanks to the participation of numerous institutional and financial investments. The rules may have altered as a result of hedge funds, ETFs, and market expansion.

We have no idea if we’re dealing with a real hedge fund investment or the historical big short squeeze. Most likely, many assets in the cryptocurrency market are overvalued, and believing that Shiba-Inu and Doge have a market capitalization of more than 60 billion is frightening.

We are in the early stages of many NFTs and lesser cryptocurrencies. Buying them is difficult for most people. It’s exciting to make an early entry by waiting for the masses.

The gaming industry is doing well. They will keep expanding because people want to play more and more games. I used to think that virtual reality would take a long time before it could be popular, but the Facebook event changed my opinion. Now, I know that it will happen in just a few years

I am sure that these markets will grow a lot. So I will write about them for the next few months. All of my other articles about traditional trading and finance can be found in “Before MetaVerse” on my blog.

Follow me into the fifth industrial revolution and have fun reading!